Asus VivoTab

Posted on:March 29 2013

My notebook broke a few days ago. It was a nice Sony Vaio with Windows XP, and I think it was about 8 years old. I used it nearly every day during these 8 years (mostly for doing work), and it was a great companion. I was surprised that it worked that long. Anyway, so I needed some replacement, and I shortly thought about buying some of those tablet PCs, which are currently so fashionable. But apart from surfing the web and watching youtube videos, what are tablets good for? They are made to consume media, but not to be productive, right? So I went to the computer shop, looking for a nice laptop.
Fast forward, I came home with a tablet PC. I bought a Asus Vivo Tab, and it feels great :) In contrast to all the other tablets I saw, this one has a real, hard keyboard which can be strongly fixed to the display, making this computer look and behave exactly like a real laptop. But it is still very small and light, and can be used without that, it's a tablet after all. It's not like this Microsoft Surface thing, which I worked with before, which isn't really fun to work with because of that soft keyboard. This one feels quite robust, and you can type normally with it. Thus, I can work on it like usual: Answer support request while I'm on the move, read mail, and so on.
So far, I can recommend that thing. But I've actively used it only for a few hours, so let's see.


Looks cool. A Bit expensive maybe.
2013-03-29 18:59:00

Oooh, this looks nice! I like the fact that it has a Wacom digitizer built in too. How many levels of pressure does it have and can you upgrade the ram?
I recently bought myself a Lenovo Y580 HD version. It is not a tablet PC but it is an awesome laptop and a complete beast when it comes to Graphic Design and 3D work.
I really like the look of the Asus Vivo Tab though. Congratulations on your new baby. ;)
2013-04-02 17:21:00

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