Stupid, Non-Working Anti-Spam Mail Links getting out of hand

Posted on:February 13 2013

Recently, some companies and even individuals thought it might be clever to classify any incoming mail as spam, and return it to the sender instantly. The returned mail will then contain a a link to click in order to "unlock" that mail, so that the receiver will get it.
Sounds clever. But it doesn't work. If people using this kind of spam prevention system are trying for example to register in a forum, a board or similar, they usually get a mail by the forum, to confirm their email adress. And said mail will also be blocked. No one will ever click on that stupid link in the automatic "this might be spam!!" mail, in order to unlock it. So the mail adress will never be confirmed, and the user of such a system will not be able to take part in most forums and boards in the www.
Not sure who thought this would be a good idea. But recently, I've seen quite a few of such mails, being bounced off of the two internet forums I'm currently running. Dear anti-spam fanatic sys-admins: I'm not planing to spend my time clicking your stupid links, fixing your spam problem for you.


This must be the most profoundly stupid anti-spam tactic ever devised. Besides the aforementioned problems, what stops a spammer from parsing the returned messages automatically for an "unlock" link?
2013-02-24 00:50:00

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