My letter to the Bank Austria

Posted on:November 03 2012

The local Austrian Bank, "Bank Austria" introduced their new online banking website/system a week ago. I still have an account with them, although in my opinion they are slow, unreliable, and even not an Austrian Bank, altough their name might imply this (they are italian). Reading comments on forms and various twitter feeds, it appears that all customers have problems with the new system. I thought it might be not a that big problem, but today was the first day I was actually able to log into the system. This is the mail I just sent them:

I'm pretty sure I am not the only one having problems with the new online banking software. Today was the first day since one week (!) where I was able to log in at least, not to be thrown out again by one of the many system errors. Unfortunately, I wasn't neither able to edit my standing orders (error "time check failed", then the second attempt caused a complete blockage of the inner frame with the windows-hourglass symbol) or to start a new deposit via bank account (missing BIC field, also after 'Save as template' a new layer pops, which is completely cut off and cannot be aborted, thus disabling the entire online banking).

As a software developer I realize that the introduction of a new product usually comes with difficulties, but this is a complete failure, which is not really excusable. And you are a bank, working with sensitive data. Have you actually been testing your new software before releasing it? It doesn't look like it.
As I acknowledge from your recent press release as well as your Twitter feed, I don't have the impression that you plan to compensate me or other customers for the the problems arizen by the unability to do payments. I'm now playnning to switch to a different bank soon and and also recommend it to all of my readers.

Best Regards,
Nikolaus Gebhardt

(The original mail was german, of course) I hope to hear back from them, but I don't think they will answer. They are a bank, after all. Why answering their customers? Why testing their online-banking software before release? :)


The banks need to collapse anyway. Their behavior is really getting out of hand.
2012-11-03 07:33:00

Looks like they hired the wrong IT-Consultants.
2012-11-03 11:33:00

Same here. WTF did those guys think...
2012-11-03 15:28:00

The new system is incredibly bad. Pressing the refresh button and my credit card balance toggles between EUR 165 and EUR 16500. Missing data, etc. I'm trying to call their service number and I'm hanging on the line for 17 minutes already "please wait...".

Do you have any idea how to get the totals of the credit card transactions use per month in the new system?
2012-11-06 19:05:00

I don't know this bank, but I really like it when the automated message after 15 minutes via phone says: "Please wait. Your message is important for us!" :D
2012-11-08 19:53:00

As quality newspaper "Heute" reports the system should work again as of today - at least for most customers. So maybe you can ascertain the actual design badness (as opposed to the implementation flawedness of until now) from now on. Enjoy! :-)
2012-11-09 07:59:00

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