Diablo 3 review

Posted on:July 06 2012

I'm probably a bit late, but finally, I've managed to play through Diablo 3. The game was nice, but it's not a particularly good diablo game, to be honest. It plays like Diablo 2, but without the fun. Blizzard obviously has decided to take all the character development out of the game, and replace it with items. The reason for this is obvious: Blizzard will earn money by this. (They have that Auction House where you can buy and sell items.)
There is no skill to choose, every character at the same level has the same powers. You cannot even decide what points to give to your character when leveling up. Hell, the game even makes it really difficult to find out at what level your character currently is at, while playing.
Too bad this nice game was destroyed by some stupid business decisions. I wouldn't say Diablo 3 isn't a good game, but it's definitely not as much fun as its predecessors at all. I guess Torchlight II will be more fun. But let's see.


I really enjoyed the Torchlight II Beta (more than the Diablo III one). They added lots of variery: backgrounds, enemies, pets... Diablo III is OK, but it has been in development like 5 times the dev time of Torchlight II, and it isn't 5 times better :)
2012-07-06 10:35:00

My sediments exactly, Niko. Plus, I know I'm weird, but I really enjoyed the storyline and feeling of Diablo 2. I thought that, despite the fact that they had virtually NO storytelling features in the game, the managed to pull of a convincing, interesting world. Diablo 3 is the exact opposite. The writing has the quality of that of a ten-year-old, and despite the fact that they have much more storytelling features, they are all used for garbage. The backstories of your companions, for instance, are laughable. Any supposed plot twist is that obvious, that it just comes off as ridiculous that your character and those around him do not notice it (Act 2, anyone? Can we trust the evil mage who keeps disappearing with a maniacal laugh? Who could be Belial, could it be the guy who suddenly appears before you and goes "I know who Belial is, but I ain't telling, tee hee! *poof*"

Seriously, with Blizzard games, there were some things that you could always count on, chief among which, that there was some decent storytelling and world design. This time, they even got that wrong. So disappointing.
2012-07-06 13:20:00

"The reason for this is obvious: Blizzard will earn money by this."

not obvious to me. the auction house would have also made them money in d2 i think. sure, d2 had character builds that were far less item dependent. but i dont think they would make this game design decision to make money with the auction house.

one thing i hate about d3 is that the story is so retarded. d2 was so cool and athmospheric. with baal being imprisoned in tal'rasha, marius following the dark wanderer, mephisto corrupting the kurast, etc. the villains were mysterious and seemed competent, in d3 azmodan gives you a "phone call" after every victory and says "didnt really need that anyway lewl :>" and the playercharacter sees through all of balial's lies. what a shitty "lord of lies"...
2012-07-31 12:27:00

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