CopperCube 3.1, and WebGL engine Copperlicht 1.5 released

Posted on:June 28 2012

I just uploaded the latest free update of the 3D editor CopperCube (version 3.1) and at the same time also the newest update of the WebGL 3D engine CopperLicht (version 1.5).

I added an improved material window which now groups similar materials, the possibility of attaching any object to a camera (like weapons in first person shooters as described in the previous blog post), improved dynamic lighting in WebGL and Flash (it's now working exactly as in the fixed function pipeline of Direct3D and OpenGL), new actions and behaviors (restart a scene, do something before first frame, improved keyboard controlled object), dynamic variables (like "" for game AI), faster publishing, improved 3D file importers, bug fixes.
The WebGL 3D library now supports vertex colors, and just like the editor, dynamic lighting there is now also correct. Of course it supports also all the new features of CopperCube 3.1.
Phew, all that was quite some work, so I need a short break now. :)


Sounds cool, have to try out :)
2012-06-28 17:20:00

I like the fact you put CopperLicht out for free. It's really the best WebGL library out there, thank you so much!
2012-06-29 08:12:00

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