Space Mining == Picture Apps

Posted on:April 25 2012

As a lot of people, I'm quite excited about Planetary Resources, Inc, the just announced company backed by lots of rich
people like the Google Founders and that famous movie maker. They want to mine asteroids, which sounds great and is finally a reason to go deeper into space again. Finally, a bit of hope for humanity. :)
They say they need 2.6 billion dollars for this, which sounds like quite a lot. But if you remember: the purchase of Instagram, a tiny picture sharing app, recently cost one billion dollars. Don't we have our priorities a bit wrong today? At least, after I wrote this, I saw a comment on reddit with the exact same thought. :)


2.6b$ should not be the problem when such a simple app can make nearly a half of it. In this regard I love this hilarious interview with Kevin Systrom:

I'm looking forward to PR Inc progress.
2012-04-25 19:00:00

its quiet amazing every new project need investment
2012-05-05 12:27:00

If anyone asked me, we as a civilization have our priorities up our arse. The priority numero uno seems to be 'making' money, litteraly in some ways. Even destroying the system wereby we make money in order to make more money goes easy. And money is supposed to be an equivalent to material goods, I just cant see that holding true, particularly no with the instagram example.
2012-05-07 23:53:00

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