My "Low Maturity" game

Posted on:February 24 2012

Google just notified me that they re-rated my Android Game, K-Space Shooter from 'For Everyone' to 'Low maturity'. Not sure why. The game does not include Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs, Gambling, Hate, has no access the the users Location, doesn't do Profanity or Crude Humor, Sexual or Suggestive Content, and doesn't include User Generated Content or User to User Communication. I don't think that what you can do in the game classifies as mild cartoon or fantasy violence either.
So not sure if Google's re-rating my App makes any sense. Especially if they tell me that "additional content rating modifications by the Android Market Team may result in administrative action, up to and including suspension of subsequent violations". Hmpf.


But it is very violent, you shoot down dozens of spaceships, and after all, there might be HUMANS in there.
Maybe you should make a "safe" version, where only the asteroid level without enemies is included :-D
2012-02-24 10:12:00

hm :)
2012-02-24 10:40:00

what does "low maturity" even mean? to me it makes no sense.
2012-02-24 11:50:00

It is not about content. Babies can't play your game, because they don't have enough motor coordination. Google takes that into account.
2012-02-24 13:09:00

Oh well. Apple would have removed your game from the App Store by now, kept all your money, and never even sent you one email about it.
2012-02-24 14:52:00

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