New Irrlicht Website

Posted on:January 06 2012

The Irrlicht Engine now has a new website! Well, it still looks a bit like the old one, which was created by me in 2002, but now it is based on Wordpress, and it is for example possible to make comments. Thanks to Bitplane and Yoran for converting the website, they did a great job.


wow.. this is weird man. i could swear i saw you putting up wordpress page up few months ago! this is weirdest dejavu ever :| good job on the site also! i too always use wordpress for my website needs :]
2012-01-06 09:49:00

It wasn't me uploading/creating the website, I think it was bitplane. I guess what you saw was he playing around a bit with it. :)
2012-01-06 11:24:00

Now if only we could see an irrlicht update as well :)

1.7.2 released in 2010... :(

When I explain to people Irrlicht is a great engine, and they go view the latest release, they think it's a dead project. :S
2012-01-08 08:02:00

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