2.5D audio for WebGL via HTML 5

Posted on:July 20 2011

Here is a (very) small demo of a new feature which should be in the next update of the 3D editor CopperCube and its free JavaScript 3D engine CopperLicht: Basically, it is some faked 3D audio for the WebGL target, but with the current limited features the HTML 5 audio element provides, it is more a 2.5D audio. But see for yourself:

The only thing it does is changing the audio volume depending on the distance to the listener. And in Firefox, even this doesn't work perfectly smoothly, only in chrome this sounds very nice. To have some real 3D audio, it would have been necessary to additionally adjust the pan, how much volume is set on the left and on the right audio speaker, but unfortunately, the HTML 5 audio API doesn't have such a feature (yet?).

But at least, it is audio at all. Until now, CopperCube/Copperlicht didn't support any audio when publishing your game or app to the WebGL target. With the next update, this will change.

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...and Firefox doesn't even appear to loop the sound. Mozilla, shame on you. :)
2011-07-20 08:56:00

BSOD on firefox under Windows Server 2008 R2!

Kudos to you for bringing up a blue screen in 2011. :)
2011-07-20 21:54:00

wow :) Update your graphics drivers :)
2011-07-21 05:29:00

This site is like a classroom, expect I don't hate it. lol
2011-07-29 02:20:00

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