Forum Revolutions!

Posted on:July 09 2011

Well, at least a try :)
There exists already a quite big German Irrlicht Engine community, but apparently some people feel the spam bots are winning in there. So a small group of people created this alternative german irrlicht forum:
In other news, the official Irrlicht Forum has also been upgraded recently to a newer version (thanks to the new team member Yoran!). Nice :)


yeah, true... i try to inform the admin sometimes per mail that there are spambots in the forum, but it takes time until he does something and only 1h after all spam bots are deletet 3 new one was comming up there.
2011-07-09 23:10:00

The biggest problem is that he is the only one with enough rights to fight these spammers effectively.
I hope they handle this different at the new forum.
2011-07-10 21:54:00

Nice ... I'll check the new german Irrlicht forum right away. Haven't visited the old one for weeks due to the spambots :(
2011-07-12 08:02:00

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