Posted on:February 09 2011

Irrlicht.Net is a new .NET wrapper based on Irrlicht 1.7.2. When I stopped developing the original Irrlicht.NET a few years ago a lot of people were sad because of that, so this new wrapper started by Martin Risell-Lilja will probably make a few people happy again. :)


Honestly, I never really understood why you dropped development of Irrlicht.NET. .NET Framework is very mature, you have several different languages (VB, C#, F#, IronPython, ...) that you can develop in, can achieve high performance, ...

Companies have started using .NET to create their tools with (see TorchLight, for example. They use C++ with Ogre for their game and MOGRE C# for their tools / game editor).

At the moment, Mogre is only good free 3D engine for .NET, so there would have been quite a big audience for a .NET version of Irrlicht.

Don't know... In internet slang I saw your decision as "epic fail".

I'm glad someone picked up the idea of having a .NET version of Irrlicht again, though. Will be watching that project closely. :-)
2011-02-09 08:57:00

I suggest you try to maintain a whole 3D engine and an additional .NET wrapper for it. The wrapper needs nearly as much time to develop as the original engine, and I didn't have that much time. If someone would have continued it, I wouldn't have any problem with that. But also my time is limited. :)
2011-02-09 09:07:00

I'm quite aware that wrappers are time consuming and the choice of dropping your .NET wrapper might seem to have been the right one at that time, but it has also been the decision to give up a growing "market" / a chance to get some serious attention from the .NET development community. From that point of view, I think it was unlucky to drop your wrapper regarding public relations.

"epic fail" is not meant as a insult or something. It just reflects my thinking / reaction regarding that decision and maybe shows how important that wrapper was/would have been to me.

I'm very happy that you did take the time to build a .NET version of irrKlang, by the way. It's much appreciated. :-)
2011-02-09 11:28:00

I have to agree with Yay too, I was really sad too...hell i was disappointed, but I understand Nick's descision. I liked Irricht Engine and I remember using it for nice 3D demos in my Computer school back then (using the .NET versions) but I wanted to make games not 3D mesh loaders, so I have since moved on...I now use XNA for my indie game aspirations,which in my opinion I think will suite the .NET/C# developer..I will also check out MOGRE too, thanks for the info.. ;-)
2011-02-13 21:54:00

Hey Niko,

I am looking for something like Irrlicht.NET to develop a simple viewer to display a dense (>> 1 million points) scattered 3D point cloud from a laser scanner. Each point also has its own RGB value that I would use for texture the cloud.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks,
2011-02-24 15:23:00

a 1024 x 1024 3d texture maybe? Or drawing primitives of type 'point'?
2011-02-25 07:09:00

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