JMStV prevented - German internet safe!

Posted on:December 15 2010

Germany had planned to introduce new rules for the Internet (named JMStV) with the beginning of the new year. Every website should have been labeled with an age limit. If you run a website where you think it's for 16 or 18 year olds, then even had to implement some costly age verification and even take the website offline during the day. (Yes, so that children won't see it when they are awake. Politicians at work).
This was the cause of a huge outcry, because physically, this would have destroyed the whole "german" internet. People even had started taking offline their websites because they would not be able to afford lawsuits which obviously would have followed by sneaky lawyers trying to exploit that law. Also I considered taking offline some of my hobby sites, although living in Austria.
But anyway, the law now never made it (german link). Not because the law made no sense - of course not - but because some standard-If-you-dont-then-I-dont-either quarrel.
Anyway, it looks like we are safe, for now.


However, Kurt Beck, the spiritual father of the JMStV, already reacted. (german link, sorry). Basically, he says that if a part-self-regulatory mechanism like the JMStV would not be established, then a full regulation by the state ("from above" as he puts it) will be put in place.

So the german internet may be safe for now. But its enemies are obviously already preparing the next attack.
2010-12-15 18:19:00

Glad to read that this law didn't make it (for now). I don't think that I have any content online which isn't suitable for children (OK, it's not made for children), but some lawyers might see that in a different way.
2010-12-16 07:23:00

Gee, what a nice person! I better click his link... oh wait, maybe I WONT fall for some stupid spam.

nico, please delete.
2010-12-16 15:40:00

As you said (written) you live in Austria (Grüß Gott! :D ). In which way are you effected by German laws?
2010-12-16 15:46:00

deleted :)
@pubesz: Not affected at all, but Austrians tend to copy the laws from Germany pretty quick. We are usually 2 years behind the german legislation.
2010-12-16 16:01:00

Plus, if german websites are blocked at some times of the day, he wont be able to access them from austria, either.
2010-12-17 01:18:00

Situation is a little more complicated. The law that forces websites to block content at certain times is already in effect since several years! It's just that nearly everyone ignores it. As much as I understood the new law actually tried to get rid of that stupid rule and replace it with voluntary age labels which then could be used or ignored by filter-software.

The problem starts that this "voluntary labels" are not so 100% voluantary it seems and no one really understands the law anyway (I asked a lot of people which are affected by it - and not one really got a clue and could tell me what the law exactly means, especially for game companies. I even tried understanding the original text, but no fucking chance without a lawyer).

As much as I understood it would have forced commercial websites to name a responsible person for the "Jugendschutz" (youth protection). And no one really could tell me - but I think those persons who can be responsible might have to be validated in some way (like USK for games), which would in effect have been a sort of censorship (and expensive when releasing games). But ianal - so it could be I got that wrong as well.

For now I'm against this law simply because I don't understand it. Explain laws better that effect me dear politicians! And if this law indeed enforces USK-labels for games, then I guess it just means another blow to the german game industry as many games will simply be offered only on foreign servers from there on.
2010-12-19 19:10:00

You should try to visit Italy!Our politicians have lauched a law that say that website that host video, just like youtube and conventional TV(our tv is for brainless) are the same.So if you want to host a video you must to follow several expensive procedure, just like if you want to create a new BBC!!
2011-01-03 10:23:00

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