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Posted on:December 02 2010

I can't stand this WikiLeaks bashing by those stupid politicians anymore. I just donated money to Wikileaks. There are a lot of ways you can do this too.


very good. i spent some money to them after the iraque helicopter leak to support that work and will spent some more now to that new "Julian Assange Defence Fund"
2010-12-02 09:16:00

Totally agreed! and doing everything I can to help Assange. I do very seriously worry about his life though, and why Hillary Clinton hasn't resigned yet. Do they have no shame?
2010-12-02 10:35:00

Oh, financing a terrorist organisation, are we now? ;)
2010-12-02 12:39:00

First warning. Remove this post.
Cheshire cat
2010-12-02 13:27:00

First warning before what?
2010-12-02 17:51:00

Before second warning.
2010-12-02 18:18:00

What happens after the last warning?
2010-12-02 19:01:00

Count is reversed.
2010-12-02 19:25:00

hehe :)
2010-12-02 20:33:00

Guuuuuys... Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm afraid you are terribly wrong.

Mr. Assange is theirs player. And I really mean THOSE theirs - who have the actual and real power, and are the ultimate string pullers behind the scenes.

Leaking murdering peoples plus rape accusations and threats to WikiLeaks team are merely steps to make you believe him. Believe that WikiLeaks is source of real, verified and very important - even ground-breaking - information. And to believe that Mr. Assange is in danger. And also - indirectly - that Mr. Assange exposes threat to them. So all the people can say: At last! Look, this is our hero! Our knight with shiny armour on white horse. He is gonna save us! Beware you dirty bastards or Mr. Assange ...

Standard approach when something leaks is to deny it is real, even if it is actually real. Not saying: Yes, Mr. Assange has our top secret and highly classified materials. You will pay for this Mr. Assange! We gonna get you! This way they make Mr. Assange credible. Hmmm, something fishy... Do you smell it? It is a "leak" or controlled leak.

Recently, some dangerous sites - domains actually - were blocked by ICANN, so de facto by USA government. But not WikiLeaks. Instead they perpetrated some kind of hackers attack. Is it my nose? ...

But there are more not matching elements.

If they really do not want something to exists they can handle it, otherwise it is merely a play. Compare fighting with
taxes abusing and fighting with drugs. Do you see any differences in how hard they are fighting in these cases? They killed JFK (search for Executive Order 11110), so if Mr. Assange is a real trouble for them then he would probably already have a "car
accident", "heart attack" or other unfortunate event.

Mr. Assange claims he is worried that people waste time on conspiracy theories about WTC 911. As we know today this was actually and obviously an inside job. It was not an Al-Qaeda job. Just to remind: black boxes were not - officially - found, but "terrorists" IDs were found in good condition. Very, very convenient... Whole this so called terrorism is a good excuse to stranglehold people. They say: we must take your privacy rights (etc), in change you will be (probably) a bit safer.
B-U-L-L-S-*-I-T. Governments are the real and actual terrorists (search for false flag operations).

Mr. Assange said that WikiLeaks will publish all materials in parts by next few months. But did you know that Mr. Assange hand all materials to selected newspapers (zionist New York Times among others) couple of weeks ago? Did you know that they control most if not all (at least significant) newspapers, TV channels, radio stations, music concerns, movie studios? Check to see how many occult symbols they put in movies and videoclips.

We don't know for sure why is this leak for, but here are possible reasons:

Distract people (for a long time - next couple of months) from something bigger. Just like giving a bone or a toy to dog so he will be busy while you can undisturbed realize your (evil) plans. Simply put: it is another replacement subject.

Probably some (most?) of "leaked" material is real. It would take some time to fabricate everything. But there is also some fabricated stuff. People probably would not believe again if they, just like with Iraq, say on conferences: Ahmadinejad has bombs, we have proofs (remember Colin Powell with small vial that may contain biological weapon?). Instead they
leak a top secret & classified materials - Iran has a bombs. So we must use our rifles, tanks and other stuff to bring peace
and democracy to them. And they better not resist too much or too long!!!

Internet censorship is progressing around the world. You did not think this is a local initiative, did you? This might be a very good excuse. Sorry people, freedom of speech should have limits. Did you know that Barrack Hussein Obama said: blogs are threat to democracy? He is absolutely right! ... But only if you see democracy as accepting the will of most. But who makes
the most to think what and how they are thinking? Mass medium! And who controls all this stuff? If you do not conform most,
you are thinking free, you question authority ... then you are ill! And be sure they can heal you! Check

Here are some other things you should search for:
Bilderberg club
Chips implants
NEW WORLD ORDER - this is a main keyword
Global government
Codex Alimentarius
Monsanto and GMO
III World War
FEMA camps
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" - this is not fake but the name is false - the real should be "The Protocols of Lucifer"

These movies (YouTube) will make you understand where come all those economic crisis from (did you know that paper money and coins are only about 2-3% percent of circulating money? rest is created - literally - from air by banksters):
Money as Debt
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

Also search for Alex Jones movies. Well, he is not 100% right - frankly he could even be theirs man - but this is a very very good starting point.

So to recap, wake up people, open your eyes and do NOT get fooled again... Oh, and share this message :)

PS. Niko, would you kindly make posting longer comments more friendly? Maybe larger comment input field and fixing messing with line breaks?
NWO go home!
2010-12-03 23:20:00

Wow. There's paranoid schizophrenia. And then there's this post.
2010-12-04 01:24:00

Aka long post man. Please keep your religiously twisted ideas to yourself. And I hope you're not a programmer because rational thinking you ain't got.
2010-12-04 05:38:00

Not to forget, long post man I see it was 40minutes from midnight when you wrote that post. Must have been terrifying for you.
2010-12-04 05:48:00

Quote:(long post man)(Recently, some dangerous sites – domains actually – were blocked by ICANN, so de facto by USA government. But not WikiLeaks. Instead they perpetrated some kind of hackers attack. Is it my nose? ...)

Well check it out 4 Hours ago did get blocked!
2010-12-04 12:25:00

But Wikileaks is still accessible!
They can take down the domain but they cant take down the IP's.
2010-12-04 12:31:00

So Mr. ace247 (are you "connected" 24 hours per day, 7 days in week?) AKA "short post man" AKA "I do not have arguments, so I bubble random trash" AKA "Generally I do not think, so I must post comments one after another within short period"...
How old are you? Hex digit will be fine to store your age?
Did you ever seen the so called real world? You know - the one BEHIND the firewall?
Listen dude, next time before you write something, better do some research. Fortunately, I gave some hints, so use them. Who knows, maybe you will learn (?) something :) Otherwise, you may be caught someday with your pants down...
NWO go home!
2010-12-05 00:33:00

I have an idea. Stop sniffing glue, "NWO go home". It may give you some startling insights, but it also reduces your brain to gelatinous goo.
2010-12-05 01:56:00

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