DVD tip: Pandorum

Posted on:November 23 2010

I saw the film Pandorum yesterday, and I wonder why it received bad reviews. It's a very nice science fiction horror movie with a very thrilling and interesting story, and unlike most other films in this category, most of the plot makes sense. Also, it has a great ending, IMO. Definitely worth buying on DVD, if you like science fiction.


Great movie!
2010-11-23 20:39:00

Yes Pandorum is really good. I like Dennis Qaid also. Good movies getting bad reviews is not a new thing. Meet Dave - Eddy Murphy is also a very funny movie but critics panned it and many people didnot see it. But the movie was incredibly good. Damn the critics. People should form there own opinions instead of listening to a bunch of people's opinions.
kinjal kishor
2010-11-24 17:12:00

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