They all make the same mistakes

Posted on:November 08 2010

Interesting commercial on YouTube.
I think the fact that the american TV channels refused to show it says more about the situation than the commercial itself.


Yeah, reckless enrichment and exploitation clearly are the only way to go. Deep in our hearts, we all WANT to be slaves, suppressed and unhealthy, so please, America, don't you make the same mistakes! Stick to our blazing idols, China, North Korea...
2010-11-08 17:53:00

Why didn't Fox news show this? They show stuff like this all the time???
(Government spending is btw much better than just increasing the money volume)
2010-11-08 20:17:00

Living in the US (Ohio), I can definitely say I've seen this on CNN, at least. I'd be very surprised indeed if Fox didn't show it at all. I remember being amused, because nativism always manages to rear its head during slow economies.
2010-11-08 22:19:00

So what's interesting about it, anyways? It's bullshit, just like whole mid-term election slander running on TV all the time. Seems to be the new plague that every other mentally disturbed self-proclaimed redeemer now has the means to wrap up their right-wing brain shat in visually appealing, wannabe professional TV productions.
2010-11-08 23:36:00

It's interesting in the way that in germany (and probably austria) the media is pretty neutral.
You Americans apparently have some problems there that could really damage your country. Or is Obama really taking a tenth of the navy to india ;)
2010-11-08 23:48:00

Um, I think you misunderstood the reason why this wasn't aired. There are lots of political commercials talking about the financial crisis. They get aired on TV all the time. This one didn't get aired because it's kind of racist, showing the Chinese as some kind of evil masterminds laughing over America's demise.
Some guy
2010-11-10 13:36:00

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