Twitter is nice

Posted on:August 23 2010

So I've been using twitter for about one month now and like it. I've not twittered that much since then (23 tweets, well, maybe it's better than nothing), but I also read the tweets of others which is quite interesting. I initially decided to use it as a ~commercial~ account, i.e. tweeting only about my software project related stuff, and I think this wasn't the worst idea. Sometimes I blog about non programming stuff on here, and when it gets political, it's usually quite provocative. Explaining this in 140 characters is not possible, I guess.
So I will continue to twitter on there, and try to increase my tweets / second a bit. :)


Twitter works differently than a blog. My political views I share on Twitter, and which you read btw, are sometimes provocative, too. But on Twitter, you do rarely discuss. You retweet, or you unfollow ;o)
2010-08-23 23:51:00

You just tweeted about font drawing! Awesome! ;)
2010-08-25 13:23:00

It's the topic of the week :)
2010-08-25 13:48:00

I've written only about 45 tweets and already Twitter lost half of them. The first 25 tweets I wrote are no longer on the site.
2010-08-28 05:13:00

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