irrFuscator is the best Actionscript / Flash protector

Posted on:July 30 2010

On coldconstructs, Corey von Birnbaum reviewed all the major 4 flash SWF protectors and actionscriopt 3 obfuscators. He comes to this conclusion:

Overall Iā€™d say irrFuscator takes the cake for being reasonably-priced and offering that Flex Project option which makes it very powerful, yet it still retains simplicity of use through an easy user experience, plus the program itself was fast to load and responsive. The others were written in Java or were otherwise slow to start, so they were a bit sluggish.

Nice, so irrFuscator pretty much won. Full review here.


No doubt, it is the best :)
2010-07-30 12:39:00

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