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Posted on:July 01 2010

The BP mode for this blog is now available, finally: click here. Consumes a lot of CPU cycles but works. :)


It's so ironic how people keep on destroying the thing they depend on most: planet earth.
Really, how stupid can one be. Earth spent hundreds of thousends of years getting all the carbon out of the atmosphere, and we, we blow it all back in a few 100 years.
And the only thing most ppl can think of is: By the time everything is fucked, i'll be long gone...

Einstein once said; There are two things that are infinite. The universe and stupidity of mankind. Although i'm not sure about the universe.
2010-07-01 20:03:00

I wish everyone would shut up about the fucking BP oil spill, its such old news. Niko your not even an americunt; I am dissapoint.
2010-07-14 14:49:00

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