CopperLicht 1.0.1 released - featuring Collision Detection and Custom Shaders

Posted on:March 15 2010

I just released a new version of the JavaScript 3D engine Copperlicht, number 1.0.1. It now includes collision detection and the possibility to create custom materials and shaders. There are two new tutorials available showing how to use these, and if you have a WebGL enabled browser, you can try out the collision test example here. For all those without such a browser, it looks like this: ;)

Since some people where interested in this, I also made it possible for companies to get a commercial license for this 3d engine, but of course the engine is still completely free to use and it will stay like this.


Which browser does support this? I have tried this with Epiphany (WebKit-Based) and Chromium 4. Neither worked.
2010-03-15 18:43:00

you need to manually enable webgl in all browsers currently, since it is still beta. here is a list of browsers supporting this:
2010-03-15 18:58:00

wow, nice!

in the upper red corridor i was able to press the player through the right wall though.

do you know when webgl will be out of beta? will firefox 3.7 have a final version for example?
2010-03-15 19:57:00

afaik the WebGL standard is not yet completed, therefore I don't think that the next versions of browsers will support it (at least not without turning it on).
2010-03-16 07:24:00

@horace: wow, you are right. Probably a glitch in the 3d mesh, but I'll have a look at this.
2010-03-16 16:34:00

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