The Irrlicht Toolbox


After about a year of tinkering with Irrlicht and attempting to start several documentation projects I have come to the realisation that though a large manual may be perfect for someone starting out it does not even attempt to address the every day gotchas of the engine. Things ranging from what's a quick and dirty way of compiling an Irrlicht program with gcc all the way down to how to the specifics of deep hidden nitches of the engine all will be listed here on a single page for your convenience so you can do a ctrl+find and get just what you need when you want then get back to working on your project. This differs from just code snippets (though they are heavily refered to and it goes without saying a reasonable understanding of both C++ and Irrlicht is needed to be able to read this) as it provides some additional information as to how to tweak the code.


I encourage contribution, have some neat little hack / work around or hidden method you just spent an hour looking for? Push it on the stack. Give it a meaningful name (the first thing you tried to search that resulted in your one hour forum scrounging saga is probably you best bet).

The Toolbox

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