The IR Rext Project

The IrrExt Project

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  Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Programming Guidelines
  3. Directory Structure
  4. License and Copyright
  5. Listing of current extensions

1. Introduction

This project aims to provide a place for all the pluggable extentions to The Irrlicht Engine. This is a place to hold all the user plugins which have not made it into the engine yet, or are never likely to. Code is likely to be excluded from Irrlicht for the following reasons:

a) Relies on external libraries
Irrlicht aims to have little to no external dependencies, and some external libraries can never be made internal because of license or portability restrictions. Because of this there are contributions which are very nice, but will never be allowed into the engine core. Good examples of this are Klasker's CAL3D scene node, FreeType font support and the SDL device.
b) Portability
This includes code which is specific to an operating system or renderer, for example materials which don't have an implementation for DirectX and OpenGL, or a Windows only IGUIFont.
c) Incomplete or rule-breaking code
Code which isn't finished yet or doesn't conform to the coding rules.
d) Bloat
Due to size restrictions, the Irrlicht Engine will never contain a hundred different types of camera, a dodecehedron scene node, or animators for every concievable type of motion. However, this project can! :)

2. Programming guidelines

Please follow Niko's programming rules for including code into the engine. Code which doesn't follow these guidelines should be tidied up!

3. Directory structure

4. License and copyright

Since we're using some files from the engine which tell users to see irrlicht.h for license information, a copy of irrlicht.h is included in the doc directory. You can choose to license your contributions under the Irrlicht Engine License by making reference to it, by your own custom license, or otherwise you agree to freely give your contributions to the public domain. If you want credit for your submissions, feel free to leave your name and copyright statement at the top of the file. You should NEVER include code without permission from the authors, or we'll remove it and take away your SVN write access.

5. Listing of current extensions (2011/08/26)