Some extending shaders for the Irrlicht Engine:

  • HLSL2GLSL: Mac OS X and Windows (Should work also in Linux, but not tested). BSD License. HLSL2GLSL is a library and tool that converts HLSL shaders to GLSL.


Both GLSL and HLSL (non-CG)

  • X-Effects Wrapper by BlindSide (see below for newer version)
    • Use shadow maps, with 5 types of filtering (both)
    • Apply Gooch material (both)
    • Apply Phong per-pixel material (both)
    • Apply Mr Wiggle material (both)
    • Apply Anisotropic highlight material (both)
    • Apply BRDF material (both)
    • Post-Processing framework (both)
  • X-Effects reloaded by BlindSide
    • Shadow maps and per-pixel lighting
    • SSAO effect
    • blurs