Patch Submission Guidelines

Here is a collection of general guidelines for creating and submitting patches for the Irrlicht engine.

The most important thing to remember when writing a patch for Irrlicht, is only one feature per patch. If your patch requires features from another patch that you have written, then post two seperate patches instead of one with both features.

Make sure to adhere to the Irrlicht coding rules that way the devs don't have to re-format all your code before they can put it into the engine.

Try to make as few API changes as possible when implementing your patch. And don't add dependencies (not even the standard library) unless you absolutely have to.

After you have written your patch you have to test it. Even if it's one or two lines that couldn't possibly break anything make sure you write a test case and post your test code on the forum. If the patch is an entire new feature; then you should write a demo showing how it works.

Don't only post the patch on the Irrlicht forum, also post it in the patch tracker.