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  1. The Creators
  2. The Search Button

Preface: 1. The Creators ( Credits to the manual creators and Niko and his TEAM!)


Irrlicht is a powerful 3D Graphics Engine Created by Nikolaus Gebhardt. Though it started out as a small hobby engine, its development was soon supplemented by the many members of the Irrlicht Community insuring its success. Today the Irrlicht engine is a renowned open source Graphics Engine and is known for its strong vibrant community who are very willing to help. In fact they are so willing to help that they've gotten together and developed this manual. ;)

I would really like to thank Nikolaus, his team and the great community in which Irrlicht has, thanks for your dedication.

Check out Irrlicht's team for more information!

Note: The Irrlicht creators staff is closed for new members but everyone can still contribute to the engine!

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Preface: 2. The Search button

I'm sure most of you have heard how much you should use the search feature but don't use it regularly. What I'm trying to do is no to preach you but to make you understand fully how powerful this feature is. When you want to ask for something, whether you think its stupid or not, try searching not just for similar words that might give you 186 results but try phrase it with words you believe should appear in a thread about what you want to ask. This might save you a lot of time and benefit others by keeping small amount of threads abouts topic already talked about. I believe this manual should at least cover that much about it cause searching for an already answered questions is part of working with this everyday developing engine.

When searching on the forums, Google or any search engine remember the first word is taken as the most important, followed by the second, third etc. When you are searching within an engine type the name of he problem or query first e.g Scene yet if you are looking for the namespace scene type, Namespace Scene (the specification followed by the less important). Using the minus sign in front of a word will exclude that word from the search in most search engines. e.g dogs -cats (Note has not been tested in Irrlicht search). Another issue to take into consideration is understanding phrases define entity will do a specialized search and return you a list of definitions for that name within the Google search engine, try it next time before posting a query in relation to a topic definition. This saves time for you and the community :D

A flash tutorial showing how to search right - Short and simple:

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