Artificial Intelligence

  • IrrAI 0.3: by Chris Mash (JP)

    For questions and latest information about the library, please have a look at the forum.
  • OpenSteer: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. MIT License. OpenSteer is a C++ library to help construct steering behaviors for autonomous characters in games and animation. In addition to the library, OpenSteer provides an OpenGL-based application called OpenSteerDemo which displays predefined demonstrations of steering behaviors. The user can quickly prototype, visualize, annotate and debug new steering behaviors by writing a plug-in for OpenSteerDemo.

    A demo about how integrating Irrlicht and OpenSteer can be found here (link is broken)
  • MicroPather: MicroPather is a path finder and A* solver (astar or a-star) written in platform independent C++ that can be easily integrated into existing code.