Irrlicht 18 Release Development Index

Irrlicht 1.8 will be the next major release.

TODO Unassigned


  • Create Better Techdemo


  • Allow release of images which are used to create textures under OpenGL and kept all the time
  • Move parts of the split buffer method to drawIndexedTriangle methods as suggested by Vitek (needs separate VBO and IBO)
  • Improve shadow volumes
  • File system enhancements
  • Enhanced texture handling


  • Quake3 Models and Weapons. Full Shader Support, Full Skin Support,Full Quaternion Interpolation in Animation for all Tags, easy linking, easy loading ( One complete model/weapon can be build by just telling the directory name and the LOD Level )


  • add a file save dialog (and add to gui editor making it usable)


  • new shadowing system


  • true-type fonts
  • GUI enhancements