Irrlicht 121 Release Development Index

This page is out dated, the release has been done.

This is the index page for the Irrlicht Release 1.3, released Apr 2007.


  • Need to find a solution for the ongoing TextureMatrix discussion

TODO Personal


  • [Done] Clean up code for all compilers
  • Build binaries
  • [Done] Test examples
  • [Done] Update tutorials and fix OnPreRender-OnPostRender
  • Update webpage
  • Package sdk
  • [Done] Update
  • [Done] irrKlang 0.5 release with Linux support
  • Techdemo to irrKlang 0.5
  • irrEdit 0.7 release with terrain support


  • [needs clarification] Spot light implementation: I have a simple implementation done, but it behaves odd so I have to spend some more time on testing. One other thing I have noticed is that due to the double storing of positions there can be a difference between the scene nodes position and the SLight position. Even though I changed the getLightData method there is still a slight chance when using setPosition (which can also be adapted). Question is if we should keep the two vectors?
  • [Done] Fix SMaterial union-structs
  • [postponed] Find a working implementation of speculars without the OpenGL specular colors extension
  • [postponed] Move parts of the split buffer method to drawIndexedTriangle methods as suggested by Vitek


  • Quake3 Models and Weapons. Full Shader Support, Full Skin Support,Full Quaternion Interpolation in Animation for all Tags, easy linking, easy loading ( One complete model/weapin can be build by just telling the directory name and the LOD Level ) Not quite sure if I can make it till Februar, just want to notice that i'm still working on it.
  • [Done] OnPreRender-OnPostRender


  • [postponed] add a file save dialog (and add to gui editor making it usable)
  • [done] update the GUI parent elements to have relative positioned children (file, colour, msgbox, listbox etc)
  • [done] add a 2d sprite bank and merge the two types of font to it, rename IGUIFontASCII to reflect the fact it deals with bitmap fonts, update billboard text node to use a bitmap font's sprite bank. done: it's called IGUIFontBitmap
  • [cancelled, reverted] add interfaces for ICamera(FPS&Maya)SceneNode with appropriate methods (dont want to release with current changes). cancelled: we'll go for one camera type with special 'camera controller' animators sometime after 1.3
  • [done] update IGUISkin to have a default sprite bank, and index numbers for generic icons etc

Smaller bugs in SVN Head