My new book

I've mentioned it on this blog some times already, and today, they finally sent me the preview cover of my new book. I like it:

The cover was made using Oreillymaker. So yes, it's just a joke. :) (via)

seven comments, already:

Awesome! I didn’t know yo uwere writing a book. I better get ready to get myself a copy. :)
Jonathan Snyder - 30 01 08 - 17:18

[ ] You understood the entry.

Thanks for the link!
Marcus (link) - 30 01 08 - 19:03

The idea is not that bad. Many 3D engines have books listed at But none for Irrlicht.
Thomas - 30 01 08 - 20:59

I would surely buy it!
Keep the good work, Irrlicht rlz!
Mauricio - 30 01 08 - 22:15

Stole that picture from notepad++ i see. Nice.
Joseph Smith - 30 01 08 - 23:24

I’ll write an Irrlicht book. Let’s say we start off with “2D Game Development With Irrlicht” then have another “3D Game Development With Irrlicht”? Split the profit 50% for me, 50% to the developer, of course :P
Mack - 31 01 08 - 14:46

Hell Boys!

I’m writing books of Blitz3D in a present moment, and in Future I’ll write a Book of C++ And Irrlicht. But this book will be write in Portuguese, because I’m Brasilian

Wanderlei (link) - 25 03 08 - 02:15

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