First Irrlicht Website

Before I started a 3D engine project and named it 'Irrlicht', I was working on a small hobby project game, but didn't finish it, unfortunately. The name of that game was planned to be 'Irrlicht', but later, because I had canceled the game and needed a name for my new 3D engine project, I simply borrowed the name 'Irrlicht' from there. :)
The 'Irrlicht'-game was planned to be an isometric role playing game, and I was working on it in the last millennium, in the end of the year 1999. I even had a website for it and was updating it regularily, writing development news, something which people would today call 'a blog'. Just found the website on a very old backup CD:

The website was written in german and some parts of the site today appear quite funny and naive to me. But this was the first time I used the name 'Irrlicht' for one of my projects. The mp3 music file I am talking about on that shot above still exists: It is the music which can be heard in the Demo example of the Irrlicht 3D engine.

eleven comments, already:

BTW, looks nice for a first project!!! Quite nostalgic look-and-feel :) Did you planning to work on games in future? ^)
IPv6 (link) - 16 11 07 - 14:58

I AM working currently on games, yes. :)
niko - 16 11 07 - 15:18

very nice, i like it.

did you currently work on this game? What has become of it?
akorem - 16 11 07 - 15:26

oh, a distant memory! wasn’t this the successor to hell troopers?
xaos - 16 11 07 - 17:08

Ye good olde tymes! Would you have imagined where you would be eight years later? Good progress and something you can be proud of.
matt (link) - 16 11 07 - 18:41

Die Mitglieder von freuen sich darauf, Irrlicht zu testen.
you know who. - 16 11 07 - 19:52

Woah, I can’t help it, but that seriously reminds me of my own game I’m working on right now…
Jasper Van der Jeugt - 16 11 07 - 20:08

niko, please relase the source it looks awesome :P
Halan - 17 11 07 - 05:49

niko, what games are you working on currently?
Virion (link) - 17 11 07 - 07:23

Halan - 19 11 07 - 01:50

yep, it came right after hell troopers :) but it simply has been cancelled, maybe going to start it again when I have a lot of time :)
currently working on: undisclosed projects ;)
8-bit char: hmpf :)
niko - 19 11 07 - 17:04

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