Jirr 1.3.1 released!

Stefan Dingfelder just released Jirr 1.3.1, the Irrlicht 3D engine for Java. It is now compatible with Irrlicht 1.3.1, and includes more demos such as a physics demo using JNewton, and an examples on how to load and display .irr files (the ones saved by irrEdit, the irrlicht 3D scene editor). It also now supports JDK1.6 and script languages (Javascript). Also included is a java wrapper for the audio library 'irrklang', nice.
Stefan is also thinking about adding Jirr Applet support, which would mean Irrlicht running inside Web browsers. Sounds very nice in my ears and would open a lot of new possibilities.

six comments, already:

Great. But we don’t want him to think about Applet support, we want him to add Applet support without thinking ;)
Vox - 23 07 07 - 22:15

What about J2ME support. It would be cool to be able to make games for mobiles using irrLicht in java.. ;-)
leo (link) - 24 07 07 - 10:50

I think he just needs some help/support with this, lack of time :)
niko - 24 07 07 - 17:04

J2ME is impossible though. I’m 99% sure there is currently no native code interface for cldc 1.1 / midp1.0
imbrondir - 24 07 07 - 19:56

Meant to write midp 2.0 (but 1.0 too offcourse
Imbrondir - 24 07 07 - 19:56

Vox, you are correct! At first I like your style of writing. Secondly it is not a question if but when ;)
Though there are some problems the first breakthrough was already done this weekend. Running the techdemo in an applet is possible.
jirr - 29 07 07 - 23:16

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