Irrlicht & Ambiera T-Shirts available

Ever wanted a shirt with an Irrlicht Logo on it? Or ever wanted to support the Irrlicht Engine development? That's now finally possible: Go to the Shops (there are two: an European and an American, to reduce shipment costs for you).
There are various Irrlicht, irrKlang, irrEdit and Ambiera shirts to choose from. For each shirt sold, we get something between 3 and 4 euro, which we will invest into hardware, software, books and similar. Here are some examples (there are more):

As you might notice, the Irrlicht Logo on the shirts is not the official one, it's a newer, better looking version. The reason for this is that the current official Irrlicht Engine logo will be replaced by the new one on the shirts soon (when I have time to redesign the website), and the original Logo was too small to be printed on the shirts. I created a lot of different shirts (some a also a bit funny), hope there is something for you too.
I hope you didn't have too high expectations after my announcement yesterday. The error which caused me to postpone the opening of the Shirt Shops was a stupid typo in the Irrlicht Engine logo, so I had to recreate all Irrlicht Shirts, in both Shops, and this takes longer than you might think :)
Link to the Irrlicht, irrKlang and irrEdit T-Shirt Shops.

23 comments, already:

It’s time to update the logo on the irrlicht side and the big one up there. =) Nice t-shirt, maybe you can also draw a small cartoon irrlicht on it lol.
Virion - 12 06 07 - 17:54

I like the new Irrlicht Logo and also the Ambiera shirt looks very nice. Perhaps I’ll order one. But I don’t know if it is something for the typical programmer, who is sitting 20 hours in front of the screen wearing nothing than underclothes ;-)
Delight - 12 06 07 - 17:58

Btw: Irrlicht Boxershorts would be cool ;-)
Delight - 12 06 07 - 18:01

i had high expectations :(
halan - 12 06 07 - 18:50

mmm :( i want one with at least one line code on it
halan - 12 06 07 - 18:58

Interesting, I’ve used CafePress in the past for our shirts but you get kinda boned on postage in Europe, might have to check SpreadShirt…
steve (link) - 12 06 07 - 19:09

We need some pins to go on our bags… and also some bumper stickers!
tuxmack - 12 06 07 - 19:12

yeah a shirt with some code on it would definately rock!
please, niko!
bakkdoor (link) - 12 06 07 - 19:34

id buy it :)
halan - 12 06 07 - 19:44

ah, good idea, going to add your suggestions tomorrow
niko - 12 06 07 - 19:50

“Or ever wanted to support the Irrlicht Engine development? ”
... if a tshirt costs you say $20 and you sell it for $22, only $2 would go to irrlicht development. The true numbers are probably different, but my point remains the same,... Why don’t you just accept donations, put a donate link on the irrlicht site somewhere or something, so people know exactly how much goes to Irrlicht support, and so people can give what they want. The T-Shirts are very cool of course! I’m just saying they are probably not the ideal way of asking for Irrlicht development support.
Gothi[c] - 12 06 07 - 20:40

sweet, shirts!

not what i was expecting, but this is cool too
The Anaconda - 12 06 07 - 22:06

What a pitty that I don’t wear white :(
Marcus (link) - 13 06 07 - 07:59

i love the t-shirts ;-)
leo (link) - 13 06 07 - 08:42

redmonk - 13 06 07 - 10:49

Wow, the shirts are so cool (h)
The one with ‘IRR’ is my favourite (but I don’t like black shirt :-[ )
I really like the new Irrlicht logo, very Web 2.0-ish :-) Now it’s time to pick a mascot >-) What about making a contest for it?
Abiyasa (link) - 13 06 07 - 11:10

you can choose the colors on your own.
I’d also like to see an “Irrlicht shirt in cool places” contest!
hybrid - 13 06 07 - 16:06

a mascot – yeah! lol, i never ever thought about irrlicht having one. but i like the idea. maybe niko doesn’t and that’s why there isn’t one yet…
bakkdoor (link) - 13 06 07 - 20:34

Great shirts!
greenya (link) - 13 06 07 - 21:08

If you make boxer shorts you should call them “underwirr”
TSM - 13 06 07 - 21:46

dontations are planned. mascot: good idea we’re really missing one. underwirr: lol
niko - 14 06 07 - 08:47

underwirr is just great :D
bakkdoor (link) - 14 06 07 - 16:57

Well, for irrlicht it is easy ;) a smilling irrlicht *g but for ambiere? oO
Q-efx (link) - 14 06 07 - 17:12

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