Ogre and Irrlicht projects are going to merge

Update: Just to be sure: This was an April fools joke, made together with Steve. :)

Maybe you've read this on your favourite news page already, but I'll repeat it here:


Ogre and Irrlicht projects are going to merge

GUERNSEY / VIENNA, AUSTRIA – The open source 3D engine projects Ogre and Irrlicht today announced that they are going to join forces, abandon development and create a new state of the art 3D engine named ‘Ogrirr’.

"We are starting a new age for independent game developers" says Steve Streeting, founder of the Ogre engine project. "With Ogrirr, we’ll definitively kick the butts of those so called 'professional 3D engines'", adds Nikolaus Gebhardt, project lead of the Irrlicht engine.

The developers revealed that they already started working Ogrirr months ago. The engine is a C++ based 3D graphics engine primary for the PC platform and will feature a new technique making the need of current standard techniques for realtime 3d graphics such as polygons and textures completely unnecessary. The first results are even more impressive than Streeting and Gebhardt expected, with average rates of about 3000 frames per second. Ogrirr is capable of calculating ultra realistic lighting resulting in photorealistic images, although currently only reached in small, closed dark rooms without any light source.


23 comments, already:

OMG! i am absolutely astonished by this… quite nice april fool!:’-D
Zitzu - 01 04 07 - 17:07

I have a question. will be irrlicht projects compilable on ogrirr or will must re-write our projects?
white_tiger - 01 04 07 - 17:14

hope this is no 1st april fool
me (link) - 01 04 07 - 17:41

ha ha ha april fools!
pretender - 01 04 07 - 17:55

I already produced a commercial game with ogrirr to showcase the new engine’s features. It’s Doom3-like, with darkness…more darkness.. and random models that you can’t see but you know are really scary.
TheRLG (link) - 01 04 07 - 18:00

Amazing project :D
Isgalvotas - 01 04 07 - 18:58

haha, hahaha :D … great news :D
halun - 01 04 07 - 18:59

oooooh myyyyy goooood
nikooo, ill call my first child ogrirr :P

halan - 01 04 07 - 19:05

Ogrirr is capable of calculating ultra realistic lighting resulting in photorealistic images, although currently only reached in small, closed dark rooms without any light source.

Read this sentence over and over – get it? :D
Lino - 01 04 07 - 19:09

If you would have left out the technical details of the new engine, you would drawn in emails and comments and no one would have noticed that it was an april fool
Sylence - 01 04 07 - 19:09

just a good idea, also beyond april 1st :)
geoffrey - 01 04 07 - 19:54

indeed it would be a great thing :P
halan - 01 04 07 - 23:17

Sad. I almost believed this when I saw the headline. But then my mind quickly told me “You idiot” and I realised it was a joke before I even read the remaining part. However had I not thought that the rest would give it away. Making polygons and textures unneeded could potentially happen (voxels anyone) but the rest… nah. :P
Frobozz - 02 04 07 - 00:24

Wow, I’ve downloaded Ogriir yesterday. It was great! I managed to get 3000 fps with a huge scene! Everything worked fine. Hundreds of monsters on the scene with all modern/next-gen features enabled. But I just can’t see them because I never put a light source on it… :P But I knew that it just works. L.O.L!!
Virion - 02 04 07 - 08:52

brilliant, I wish I’d seen this yesterday
gaz - 02 04 07 - 09:21

Nice one, I really fell for it when I read the headline. When I read the hole story however, I realised it was an first of April joke.
Marius - 02 04 07 - 09:42

orgirr—3000 fps..Ogrirr is capable of calculating ultra realistic lighting resulting in photorealistic images…Great one niko.
leo (link) - 02 04 07 - 11:18

ROFL. That was hilarious. (As was the effect of the joke)
Jordan - 02 04 07 - 13:53

lol, that was nice :P
bakkdoor (link) - 02 04 07 - 17:12

What about Borland port?? ;)
etcaptor - 02 04 07 - 17:51

hehe :)
niko - 02 04 07 - 18:30

there was a april fools joke once about merging python and perl. a real project called parrot emerged from it. :) http://www.parrotcode.org/
hugo - 02 04 07 - 19:10

Great April Fool’s joke Niko! 3000 FPS? That would be cool. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to let the computer industry catch up first… :)
3ddev - 03 04 07 - 00:58

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