There and back again

So I'm back from the mediterranean Irrlicht and Bolzplatz promotion and marketing tour. Here is a picture I took on one of the expos, it's me on the right with the bolzplatz t-shirt, next to me the expo manager, behind us the conference room.

Back in Vienna, only ~200 mails waiting in my inbox. And what a shock: I'm barely one week away and Pluto isn't a planet anymore. At least has announced the release of Irrlicht 1.1, three weeks late but anyway. I've also had time to read the whole iX with the article about Irrlicht in it, and also stumbled over an announcement of the product I'm working on for my employer. It's about 2% the size of the article about my hobby project in the same journal, which feels a bit strange.
BTW: Comments have been disabled last week on this blog (thanks, spammers) and are now active again, happy commenting. :)

ten comments, already:

Welcome back dude! Hope you had some fun hangin with chicks at the beach! ;-)
RabidLockerGnome - 28 08 06 - 15:42

..welcome back,dude..hope you had a nice tour..i wish though all expo managers were as cute as yours!

tunde - 28 08 06 - 16:57

Welcome back.
SkaCahToa - 28 08 06 - 21:38

oh yeah, more news while ur away, the new codeblocks nightlies now support virtual folders.

RabidLockerGnome - 28 08 06 - 23:29

Mehr Meer- und Landschaftsfotos bitte! ;-)
ak (link) - 29 08 06 - 09:43

ROFL, one more photo with this shirt and I’ll really consider to send you a second shirt… Langsam stinkts doch wenn Dus Tag und Nacht anhast ;)
Andi (link) - 29 08 06 - 10:59

Dawn - 29 08 06 - 15:04

I bet you and your manager had some heated discussion on the conference room table.
TSM - 29 08 06 - 16:11

hehe :) no comments on any of those posts above. :)
niko - 29 08 06 - 16:23

lol TSM, I’d place my bid on that =)
spark - 08 09 06 - 01:52

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