Editor progress week 8 - Textures & new movement tools

Yes, I know, I should stop posting this stuff every week, but this program is in the beginning, and every time I work a bit on it there is a new nice feature to show, and it is fun to share it. :)
The first obvious new feature is a texture browser, it shows all loaded textures and makes it possible to select them. It is able to display textures in multiple rows and columns automaticly and scales them to fit into the window. There is currently no way to set the selected texture into a material or onto an object, but I'm going to add this soon.
Another bigger change: I rewrote the movement, scale and rotation tools completely. As you can see on the shot - the red box is selected - it now works similar to Blender or Maya. After playing around a lot with the old tools I noticed that it is easier this way to manipulate the scene.
And a last note: Several people asked me about that tool, here are some answers: The name of the editor displayed on the window is just a placeholder, I have no name for it yet. Designing: I simply hand code everything, I don't use any editor for it. Beta test: Sure, planned. As soon as it is usable, but this will take still some months or at least weeks. Purpose: Test tool for Irrlicht, Scenegraph editor, item placer. Vertex/Polygon editing: Maybe later. Plugins: Sure.

27 comments, already:

It’s good that you share progress with us. :) What about editor: it looks like becoming really useful. Who knows, maybe one day I can replace DeleD editor with your one. Yeah, I’m fan of Irrlicht software :)
Isgalvotas - 29 05 06 - 19:39

Good progress up there! keep up the good work niko!
Adrián De la Cruz (link) - 29 05 06 - 19:51

Man, you’re making a great progress! How much time are you spending on this?
NeARAZ (link) - 29 05 06 - 20:11

You’re already sort of locked into the Irr* style naming. As far as I can tell, “Irradiance” is the only English word starting with “irr” that has a positive connotation. Maybe you can find another in German, though ;)
Sfiera - 29 05 06 - 20:21

thats looking pretty friggin sweet man. I still sorta wish you could have done it in c#, but its still really awesome. perhaps since it is wxwidgets it will work in linux tho, is that your intent?
buhatkj - 29 05 06 - 20:29

OOO! Great! hop to see more sone.
Lonerunner - 29 05 06 - 21:43

This screenshot has a cool “doom3-like” aspect. Judjing by your blogs, your editor alreary seems very professional
hervé - 29 05 06 - 21:52

I’d be in for the Linux beta test or even porting it, but IIRC there are several parts of the GUI still windows native. At least I think this was what Niko wrote in one of the previous entries.
hybrid - 29 05 06 - 23:57

It’s very interesting to see the editor growing every week. Great work niko!
Fre4LeTy - 30 05 06 - 00:11

can u apply bump/parallax mapping in the editor?
[RabidLockerGnome] (link) - 30 05 06 - 04:01

oooh, its getting interesting!
The Anaconda - 30 05 06 - 06:21

You’re focus on editor. So, what about new version of engine? When will work start?

ps: I’m irrlicht fan from Russia! Great job!
Anton V. Tolkachev - 30 05 06 - 08:07

oh man, i just can’t wait anymore ;) and i like the every-week-progress-report. it’s nice to see it growing
Lino - 30 05 06 - 12:22

Awesome stuff!!! Stop posting is just unthinkable. :)
Teal'c - 30 05 06 - 13:51

Cool stuff.
Some crazy names for it, which I’d consider using if it was my program (I like such crazy stuff):

irrWeg (english: aberration)
irrEnhaus (english: mad house)
wolfgke - 30 05 06 - 17:09

how about the irrlicht scene editor..? lmfao
[RabidLockerGnome] (link) - 30 05 06 - 17:15

Looks Great! I love the axis manipulation component, they are so much easier to use than ticker arrows. Maybe a little bigger on the axis tool though so it is easier to grab. Again it looks fantastic!
TSM - 30 05 06 - 18:39

Looking better all the time. Keep it up! As for name ‘irr-ed’ nothing wacky ;)
atomic pond (link) - 30 05 06 - 19:30

Great work! I haven’t used Irrlicht for about half a year but now i think i’m gonna give it a try again.
Still nice to see the progress here :)
clayman - 30 05 06 - 20:38

Will this have *n?x/Mac versions?
Twey (link) - 30 05 06 - 21:36

I can’t wait to youtubed it! :P
veegun - 31 05 06 - 05:10

I think it’s great. These kind of tools will attract even more new people to Irrlicht and game programming as such!
Martins - 31 05 06 - 10:37

etcaptor - 31 05 06 - 17:49

Can you help me with creating dockable controls ? What components you use for it ?
Thanks ?
user - 02 06 06 - 14:44

hm, just one of the docking tools recommended on the wxWidgets wiki. I tried 3 (or so) but I’m not sure which on I will use finally.
niko - 02 06 06 - 18:42

Thanks, niko.
I fully agree with you !
user - 03 06 06 - 16:51

interestingly, would u at least release your source-code in progress??
arixion - 07 06 06 - 06:45

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