Improving 3D rendering quality

Most people know that the rendering quality of the Irrlicht 3D engine is very low and below the standard of other popular engines. That's because image quality was never a goal when I started developing Irrlicht. In fact, Irrlicht originally only was able to handle 16 bit data. This has been improved, but Irrlicht 3D scenes still look ugly. But in spite of this Irrlicht is one of the most popular 3D engines anyway. So, what if I improved rendering quality? The last few weeks I've played around with this, and it looks it will become a big feature of the next release.

The first pair of images shows antialiasing, this is implemented in Irrlicht since some versions. All other stuff is new. Basicly these are results of enhancements to the internal precision, better and new filters and so on. I've also uploaded a big image showing a screenshot of the current ugly version and a shot of the upcoming release, which shows the difference quite well.
No - and I don't know when the next release will be out. :)

fourteen comments, already:

hey cool!
i can’t wait for the next release :D
[bakkdoor] (link) - 03 11 05 - 23:23

Nice one :) Your image compare bears an uncanny resemblence to this one: , although back then we didn’t have any FSAA to show off, that only came in later.

It’s incredible how much difference aniso filtering makes on a FPS-style view (walls / floors being frequently at acute angles to your view), it’s a shame it’s kinda expensive.

Best of luck with the next release.
sinbad (link) - 04 11 05 - 01:12

what exactly are the new rendering techniques niko?
Electron - 04 11 05 - 01:22

ben - 04 11 05 - 04:31

Basicly, I’ve rewritten Irrlichts custom mipmap generation, added anisotropic filtering and am defaulting to higher quality textures.
@sindbad: thx. I didn’t know that screenshot, it is also quite funny that the version number of that ogre release there is the same as the next irrlicht version, which looks like irrlicht has a similar development path. :)
niko - 04 11 05 - 08:25

Has the projection changed also a little bit or are the two picure’s not from the exactly same camera position?
joshi - 04 11 05 - 08:37

>> No – and I don’t know when the next release will be out. :)

mhhh… when?! ;)
noone - 04 11 05 - 16:24

nope, simply not the same camera position.
niko - 04 11 05 - 20:15

Awesome work! :-). Can’t wait for next release ;-) as always:).
Isgalvotas - 04 11 05 - 20:52

looking great!
bitplane - 05 11 05 - 01:10

Realy cool! I marvel at your work. Irrlicht forever!

PS: Just pity there is no VC6++ support anymore :(
Other - 05 11 05 - 14:43

very good,nice :)
d3dworld - 07 11 05 - 13:47

what do you mean? irrlicht supports VC6.
niko - 07 11 05 - 20:27

Great job, you can really see the difference!
[Declassified] - 12 11 05 - 09:35

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