Combining lighting methods

I'm currently in the process of finalizing the support for shadow map rendering into the CopperCube Game Engine. For game engine users, this will work as easy as everything else in CopperCube: Just check a checkbox, and voilą: You now have nice dynamic shadows in your scene. It will even be possible to combine this with the existing other lighting modes:

On the image above, you can see two concrete blocks. The left has the new dynamic shadow mapping mode enabled, the right one has static precalculated light mapping enabled. Both have advantages and disadvantages: Shadow maps are dynamic but don't run fast on old hardware, and need some parameter tweaking in most scenes in order to look nice everywhere. Light maps are static, but are blazingly fast and usually always look quite nice. So with the next free update, you will be able to choose which lighting method you want to use.

nine comments, already:

Yeah! Finally my scene will be looks great with dynamic shadows, also i can make more optimization things in my projects! :D
rolevix (Vitaliy) - 30 05 17 - 09:40

So…when the release?
rolevix (Vitaliy) - 30 05 17 - 15:19

oh nothing to see here folks, just niko being a genius. :)
Tim - 30 05 17 - 23:19

Release: When it is working and bug free. Might still take a bit. But let’s see.
niko - 31 05 17 - 18:05

Great job, looking forward to it! Will this be for all targets?
Ishmaru - 31 05 17 - 18:21

Thanks for answer :)
rolevix (Vitaliy) - 31 05 17 - 18:36

No, Windows .exe and WebGL only for now :(
niko - 02 06 17 - 09:31

Thank you so much for implementing real Time Shadows. I got two Questions:

1. Will the “Precalculated Shadowmap” Shown asswell on Dynamic Objects that will move into. Like the player goes into a darker Area and turns darker too

2. Would it be possible to use the precalculated shadows on Terrain too ?
Manuel Morgner - 06 06 17 - 15:35

cool - 12 06 17 - 11:40

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