We live in the future

Today, I bought a small box of plastic, and plugged it into the electric socket in the wall. And without connecting any cable or configuring anything anywhere, all my computers instantly had fast Internet access. I realized that today we live in the future. Technology is great.

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huh, i dont know what you’re talking about. your internet-connection goes over the power-line?
Matthias - 21 04 11 - 10:50

I can’t think of any scenario that doesn’t require any cable connections or configuration. Please elaborate :-)
Kemnp - 21 04 11 - 10:58

Cellular phone net (4G). Pretty cheap in austria, and surprisingly fast.
niko - 21 04 11 - 11:02

there was a awesome Episode of Chaosradio regarding those moments:
fiddl - 21 04 11 - 11:07

Hm. I see that this is possible, but wouldn’t it be advisable to configure at least some encryption…?
Telepath - 21 04 11 - 13:40

Sure, did that. :)
niko - 21 04 11 - 13:51

Hmmm…. I have past issues with trying to use 3G as my net connection while my broadband was being set up. That was a terrible time:

1) 3G is horribly horribly slow (at least in the UK). Our apartment being in a zone with bad signal didn’t help.
2) There was a 1GB/month cap on the only two adaptors we had available (they existed for other reasons, we borrowed them). We burned through that in about a week or two before we realised it was happening so quickly. Not even really downloading anything, just our usual browsing and such.
3) The adaptors were of the variety that presents as a USB device and needs to be mode-switched. Ubuntu wasn’t quite happy with that particular model at the time as it was fairly new and operated very slightly differently to most of the rest of that range of adaptors.

I hope it works out better for you :-)
Kemp - 21 04 11 - 13:59

s/USB device/USB flash drive/
Kemp - 21 04 11 - 20:38

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