Passive Software Development

I've just invented a new software development paradigm. I'll name it PSD - Passive Software Development. It works just like this: I sit down and think about a new feature I could add to my software. (In this case the software is of course Irrlicht.) Then I start up Visual Studio to start implemening that feature. Then, after about 2 minutes, I get a mail from an Irrlicht user, and the mail contains source code or a .diff file which implements exactly that feature, asking me to add this to the next version of Irrlicht. So I just read through his code, modify it a bit where I think it is necessary and merge it with my development version.
And this works. It worked several times now. Don't know how. But it shortens development time effectively, is simple as possible, reduces costs and gives you much more free time. And - of course - don't underestimate the surprise factor, it's fun! Everybody should use PSD. :)
To summarize: Open Source really IS cool. Here's an example what I implemented recently, using PSD: ;-)

Detailmaps in the next version of Irrlicht

twelve comments, already:

So why don’t you accept other ‘full-developers’?
I think it has been discussed several times that you demand to develop irrlicht on your own til version 1.0.
joshi - 15 08 05 - 15:07

What is that, a megatexture? Like in Quake Wars :p?
Mike - 15 08 05 - 19:03

any idea when irrlicht 0.12 will be released??

ps: thats detail-mapping, isnt it ?
GFXstyLER (link) - 15 08 05 - 22:11

could this be CLOD ?
[terefang] - 16 08 05 - 00:56

yep, it’s just a detailmap.
niko - 16 08 05 - 17:53

That look very nice good work Niko looking forward to the next release! =)
IrrDev (link) - 16 08 05 - 17:55

at risk of ‘me too’ing
me too!
bitplane - 16 08 05 - 19:12

gfxstyler - 16 08 05 - 22:13

What’s the road-map for 0.12?
Fred - 16 08 05 - 22:20

And will it include the Terrain changes to reduce/prevent popping?
Fred - 16 08 05 - 22:20

As far as future updates to terrain :
First, I’m working on implementing a terrain tile manager, to load up multiple tiles of terrain easily.
Second, I’m working on re-working the terrain code to be more efficient using transformation matrices and some other speed-ups.
Third, GeoMorphing, which requires a bit of a re-work to the code before it can be implemented.

I’m sure Niko will take the changes once I’m done with them and send them to him! :)
Spintz - 17 08 05 - 00:56

Any ideas when this might be?

Thanks – your work is awesome and appreciated.
Fred - 17 08 05 - 15:57

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