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CopperCube 6.0 released and free now

I just released CopperCube 6.0. One of the major changes is this:

CopperCube is now free.

You can develop games, sell them, publish them on Steam, any App Store, any website, for free now.

In order to support the future development of CopperCube, there are also two additional editions available with a few more features which can be bought: Professional and Studio edition.

The changes in the release are:

You can see a detailed change log here: change log

If you own CopperCube 5 already, you can update to CopperCube 6 here
If you bought CopperCube 5 Pro in the last 2 months, just send me a mail and I'll give you a free upgrade.

Overload Review

I recently bought Overload, a zero-gravity shooter, which you play inside mines in a very small one-man spaceship. If you know the game "Descent" from 1995, then you know Overload: It's basically a remake without the rights to the original game. Descent looked like this:

Overload copies nearly all game mechanics and has modern graphics:

Even the default keyboard and mouse settings are the same.

I played Descent very much back then in the 90ies and loved the game, and even created levels for it. And I really like Overload. I even bought the sound track on steam, because it works nice as background music while programming.

The only shortcomings of Overload is the multiplayer mode: No coop-mode and if you want to play online against random users from the internet, there doesn't seem to be any players online. I tried about 15 times on different days and was only succesful twice.

But apart from that: It's great and much fun.It's worth the 25€ it costs on steam right now.