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Improving Terrain Generation

I am currently trying to improve several specific features in the CopperCube Game Engine. Right now, I am working on improving the terrain generation, because let's be honest: When you click on "create a terrain", the generated and built-in graphics are not that nice. So after playing around a bit, this is what it looks now after I've improved it a bit:

It's not great, but definately better. I only needed 3 clicks in the editor to create this scene for me. But I still have a few plans to make this nicer. Let's see.

Flash is dead, so I'll remove it. Right?

Flash is dead, as it seems. Is anyone still using it? I am currently thinking about removing support for Flash in the next update of CopperCube. It would speed up the development of the other targets, and removing ballast that way.

I created a poll on twitter for this, if you like, vote and tell me what you think about it.

irrKlang 1.6 released

I just realized that I'm now working since 14 years on this little C++ sound library which I called irrKlang. Today I pushed out a smaller update of it, modernizing it a bit again. Improving .NET support, support for gcc 5.1 and others, reducing dll dependencies (no MSVC runtime dll needed for C++), improving single threaded mode stability and speed, and more.

It is not only used by many indie games, but also by my own projects, of course. Basically everything I wrote which uses audio. Let's see what the next 14 years will bring!

Situation in my Country

The situation in my country can currently be summarized as this:

The colors mean the following:
green = no influenza
yellow = isolated cases
orange = repeated cases
red = influenza wave
Source: virologie.meduniwien.ac.at

Government Simulator 1.1

It's weekend (in Austria, Friday afternoon is considered weekend, no really), so I uploaded a small update to Government Simulator: It is now also possible to play as the United Kingdom.

Great Britain was the most wished country to be added to Government Simulator, so I added it. Things I didn't know about the UK: They have an interestingly high spending on education, compared to other nations. Not sure exactly why this is, their results aren't that much better, oddly.

Let's see if people living in that country think the simulation is realistic.