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Ranges of electric cars

Did you ever consider buying an electric car? My current car is very old and nearing its death, so I thought maybe an electric car would be nice, as next one. Looking through the websites of all the car makers, you'll quickly notice that the both most important factors for buying such a car are usually not advertised at very prominent places: Price and Range. Sometimes, they are even missing on the website!

So I created a list with all current e-cars (available in Germany and Austria) which would be possible candidates, together with their range. You can see the list here, in German: Reichweiten von Elektroautos.

Maybe it could be useful to you too.

End of Early Access

After more than one year and 15 updates, I've taken the survival game PostCollapse out of early access on Steam. The game has changed significantly since the first release on Steam. See this screenshot comparison for example:

The left shows the first released version of PostCollapse, and the right one how it looks now: The world is much more detailled, has better graphics and much more content. The game has evolved quite a lot during the early access phase.

The game now has reached a state where it feels like how it was supposed to be: You get the right feeling of solitude, and that you are alone and have to work for your survival. Also, although everything is still 100% procedurally generated, it doesn't feel that much articifial anymore, thanks to the feedback of all the players.

The major features introduced in the Early Access where the following:

Thanks to all the people who have brought the game with their feedback as far as it is now. Creating this game has been an interesting adventure!

Happy New Year!

Another year has gone by and since a few hours, it's now 2018. As every new year, I'm offering most of my products with a big discount for a few days, like -75% off CopperCube and -50% off RocketCake. You can see the full list here.

Maybe there is something interesting for you as well.

I think 2017 was an interesting year, and I did a lot of new things, like for example releasing a political simulation game on steam, or implementing realtime shadows in my 3D game engine as free update. I learned a lot of things, and have plans for a lot more. I think 2018 will be exciting, especially for people using CopperCube, but let's see.

I wish you all a happy and successful new year!