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Generated Furniture vs. Placed Models

In PostCollapse, the world is generated procedurally, including the furniture inside the houses. For simplicity, I simply generated cubes with some textures on them, which looked a bit like cupboards:

But to be honest, this didn't look and feel very good. So last weekend, I played a bit around and changed this with placed pregenerated 3D models instead. Now the interiours of the houses will look much better (for small values of 'better'):

The two screenshots are from the exact same room. I think I'll be able to live with that. I'll improve this still a bit, and then this will be included in the next update of the game.


I don't think I like the auto suggestions of reddit's advertising system:

Looking at it, it seems to be even a real non-joke subreddit. Still not really my target audience. :D

Prototyping using WebGL: Vegetation and Shadows

Recently, I tend to prototype new 3D features in JavaScript / WebGL, because it is quite fast to do this. No compilation times, just hitting F5 and see what works. For the just released 5.6 version of my game engine, I did just that. (Prototyping this in WebGL, of course also has a second advantage: The game engine can spit out WebGL code, which of course based on these prototypes)

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