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Minecraft mode

A lot of people wanted to customize their headquarter in the game, so last weekend, I experimented a bit and programmed a Minecraft style mode for the game:

It actually works nicely, but is of course limited to the buildings. For now, once finished, this mode will likely only exist for the fun of it, but it could be possible to extend it to make more sense gameplay wise. But let's see.


I'm used to getting strange software reviews on various app stores. But I think Steam reviews are one level ahead. I'm confused for example about this one:

Is this good? Is it bad? I don't know. But he played it for 23 hours, so it shouldn't be that bad. Right? Hm.

TV will be dead soon

Just had to explain to an upset child that on TV, you cannot "watch again" or "watch another episode" or watch something different. Yes, on TV, you have to watch what they are sending, and when they are sending it. Being used to Youtube / Netflix / Amazon Prime Video and similar really makes it difficult to understand how TV is still in business. And while I had to explain how TV works to this child, I noticed that at least when that generation is older, TV will be dead.