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Well, that was fast. My game was just greenlit today:

I will polish the game quite a bit and refine and beta test it before launching on Steam, so this will take a while. But this is great news! Thanks for all the support and to all the people voting for the game!

Now on Steam Greenlight

After I made that video from my last post, people suggested that I could add my game to Steam Greenlight. Since I have a nicely working Windows .exe build I now did: PostCollapse is now on Steam Greenlight.

Unfortunately, the video apparently sucks in contrast to the screenshots... which again I think might be affecting the votes negatively. If you like to help, please vote too. :)

Gameplay Video

Last weekend, I thought it would maybe be a good idea to create a gameplay video of that game I am working on. Here is it, what do you think?

Constructive feedback welcome!