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Part 2 of My Adventure of Getting a Code Signing Certificate

Last year, it was quite a pain to get a code signing certificate, I blogged about it, if you remember. This week, I wanted to renew my certificate. Turns out, they want to do me all the things I did last year again. Hell no. I'd rather publish my files from now on without certificate.

Poll for upcoming new features in CopperCube

I started a poll on twitter in order to see what people would be most interested in having in an update for the 3D game engine CopperCube. So far, it looks like most people want a better looking, high tech 3d renderer:

I'm surprised that there isn't that much interest for a Linux port. Because this would also mean that your games would then run on a Steam Machine, for example. But let's see, the poll is still 6 days to run. My personal favorite would be OpenVR / HTC Vive support. Not only because that would mean that I had a good excuse to buy one, but because it would really be pretty cool to be able to quickly create VR environments for that hardware with just a few clicks.
You can vote for your most wanted feature right here. Note that this is just a poll. I'd like to see how much interest is there for each of these features. This doesn't mean that any of those features will be implemented. But yes, of course, it is likely that some of those will.

Update: Final result is now 46% Linux support, 11% OpenVR support and 43% DirectX support.

RocketCake 1.1 released

I just released the free responsive web designer RocketCake in version 1.1. It contains a lot of improvements: New slide show animation modes, Galleries with labels and border styles, Headings, and more.

The most requested new feature was headings, as in H1, H2, and H3 tags. Useful for SEO, but apart from that, they really don't matter in my opinion, that's why there weren't included in the first place. But yes, they make sense. Hope you like it!

If you have a monopoly, you can do what you want

Just logging into Google Adwords downloads 9 MB of files, mostly code and scripts. And then, the website is slow as fuck. Even just resizing your browser to see all of the mess which is their UI takes about 10 seconds. And Google demands us to optimize our sites, otherwise it won't list them as high as previously. Isn't that hypocrisy? Arghh.

Sorry for that rant.