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From Opera to Vivaldi

Since Opera has been bought by a Chinese consortium which is said to do malware and spyware, I decided to uninstall Opera finally, after more than 12 years. A sad day. I am now trying Vivaldi, a browser made by some of the developers of Opera. It's ugly, but feature-wise pretty ok for now. Will continue to use it for the next weeks, and see how it works out.

Latest Atlas Robot by Boston Dynamics

Did you see the latest Atlas Robot by Boston Dynamics? Incredible that this is possible already today (gets really interesting at around 1:23):

I think this basiscally means that in about 10 years, 95% of all jobs can be replaced by machines. It's scary and interesting at the same time. Happy that I'm a programmer.

CopperCube 5.4 released

I just released CopperCube Game Engine 5.4 as free update for all users. I also created a new website for it, it is now responsive and should look nicely on all devices. Yay.

Included is: Heightmap import support for terrain, integrated Texture Packer, much smaller, compressed files for WebGL, much smoother first person shooter style camera, full web page WebGL support, footstep sounds, box testing for "On proximity do something" action, nicer 2D image drawing, new "Recalculate normals" command, possibility to update static Phyics geometry, pan support for Model Viewer Camera, improved .OBJ file loader, increased WebGL performance.

I think this one is a pretty useful update for most users. It is of course also already available on Steam. Hope you like it!

Postapocalyptic 3D World Generation, Part 3

After a lot of feedback, I decided to rename my post-apocalyptic simulator hobby project game to simply PostCollapse. I've also uploaded an updated version of the game, which has some cool new features:

Yes, the procedural world generation creates water bodies such as rivers, complete with shores. Looks actually pretty cool in action. You probably recognize the water rendering method, it's simply the water code from CopperCube, of course. Took me about 10 seconds to add it into the game:

Also, there are now lots of cars in the world, which can be searched:

The game is playable already, and I'd say it is 30% finished now. Maybe I should try to motivate some people start testing it from time to time, in order to get more feedback. If you like to, you can play the game directly on its website. It runs in the browser.