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Improved procedural vegetation generation

I don't have much spare time anymore, but when I do from time to time, I like working on my procedural generated post apocalyptic game, which runs directly in the browser (WebGL), and is based on my book. I just added a much improved procedural generated vegetation:

It looks much better in movement, but see for yourself (Chrome or Firefox recommended).

I'm also using this to actively test CopperCube's WebGL 3D engine, and to improve it here and there. Works nice so far, with the next CopperCube update, I'll have some WebGL improvements in there which I found while working on that game.

RocketCake 1.0 released

After 2 public beta versions, I just released RocketCake 1.0. It is the responsive website designer I've been working on recently, and it is free to use:

There is also a professional edition which costs 39 euro to keep funding further development, but you can basically do mostly everything with the free basic edition. It is also available now in the Mac App Store. Feedback was very positive so far, and people really seem to like it.

XCode and me

I hope someone will reserve a very special place in hell for the designers of XCode. About once a year, you are focrced to update to the next XCode version, although the current one just works perfectly. And after upgrading, something usually stops working. This time, the buttons in XCode for verifying and uploading the project were simply disabled / grayed out. No hint, no message, no error. Just a grayed out button. No mention in the documentation. I now wasted hours of work just to find out the reason for this. Fortunately, we have google and stackoverflow today. Otherwise, I would probably still need a few more days to find the problem. Thanks, Apple.