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Philae and .NET

So ESA just successfully landed Philae on the comet. And Microsoft open sources .NET and is planning to make it cross platform as well. The week can't possibly get any better now.

CopperLicht now Free and Open Source

I finally made CopperLicht, the WebGL library free and open source. You can download the library including its source from its website, and use it for every project you like to.

It is quite mature already, and has been used by many companies for internal projects already. Now that WebGL is widely available, I thought that it would be nice to make it free for everyone.
There are a handful of games in development with CopperLicht already, and I'm looking forward to see them finished. The library is quite easy to use, and if you ever tried Irrlicht, you'll notice that its API is very similar to it. Have fun programming!