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Kerbal Space Program

On the weekend, I had some little free time, and I was able to try out the game Kerbal Space Program. It is a game where you are able to build your own space ships, launch them and try to do stuff with them, like orbiting or landing on the moon. It's actually a quite nice idea, and is fun to play. The game isn't finished yet, and unfortunately, the user interface isn't quite there yet, and it gets a bit frustrating in the beginning, because the game doesn't tell you which buttons you have to press in order to do anything. I even didn't know that I had to use the keyboard at all, so I was completely lost in the beginning, but the kerbal wiki website helps a bit.

Initially frustrating, but very fun and interesting. And I still haven't achieved a lot in that game yet. I'm looking forward for the game to get polished a bit and to be finished.