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Power pole generation

Last sunday, I implemented the generation of power poles for EndTime, which are placed next to some streets. The idea was that if you are somewhere deep in a forest, you would be able to spot such a power pole line easily and find back into the city using it. I tried it out, and it works nicely so far. Also, I created a video of the current state of the game:

Unfortunately, the youtube video compression doesn't seem to work nicely with fog. The video somehow ended up very blurry...

Updated to Windows 8.1 RT

Just updated my Tablet to Windows 8.1. Looks nice so far. The touch screen mail client still doesn't support POP as mail protocol, which is a shame. But somehow, Microsoft now apparently included a full version of Office with this update (previously, there was only a trial version), and this time, it also includes Outlook. Which is great, since this is one of the most usable mail clients, with so many features. Great! Finally I can use the tablet for real, more in-depth work as well.

Windows, Mac OS X, Diesel and Petrol

I usually create Windows and Mac OS X versions of most of my software. Most people seem to think that with the right library, you only need to recompile your code for the other operating system, and everything automatically works perfectly, but this is seldom the case, and especially not for very complex software (what for example my 3D editor is). So there is still much work and testing involved for creating each version of a software. That's why I also sell separate licenses for my software. A license key for the Windows version of CopperCube won't work on the Mac OS X, and the other way round. Most people are OK with this, but for special cases, if they already own a license for one operating system and if they ask, I give a discount for the second license, of course.

Recently, one customer didn't like this after he switched from using a Windows PC to an Apple Mac, and demanded to get the second license for free. I explained to him that this is a separate software, that it needs a lot of work, basically what I just wrote above, but he didn't seem to understand. I noticed that this guy was selling cars, so I tried to explain him the problem this way:

"If you buy a full tank filling of petrol for your car, and then switch to a car which works with diesel instead of petrol, you also wouldn't go back to the gas station, comlaining that your new diesel car doesn't work with the petrol you bought previously, and demand a free tank filling of diesel. "

Maybe not the best analogy, but I think it could be understood that way.

Kromaia now on Indiegogo

Kromaia is a six degrees of freedom adventure shooter, developed by Kraken Empire from Spain. They just started an IndieGoGo campaign - if you don't know, this is similar to the better known Kickstarter. I always thought about creating a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign for my game, but I decided to take it myself, and offer preorders instead. Not sure if this was the best idea, but for now, a few people already supported me with this. :)

Anyway, take a look at the Kromoia IndieGoGo campaign, and support them if you want and can, it looks like an interesting game. They are also using irrKlang as audio library, so the developers behind the game definately know what they are doing ;)

Procedural generation of Cities

For my side project game Endtime At Home, I now implemented the first version of city generation. I wrote some details about this on the game's blog, and I'm really happy about how it looks now. It's nothing spectacular for now, but it is a beginning. The game engine now can create a more structured 3d world, where it can place interesting things and connect them. Like in this case, it can place cities and connect them with streets. Here is a rural area vs. city comparison:

There is still much work to do, but it is a very nice code base to continue working on. People who preordered the game in order to support the development (thanks, btw! This is a very nice motivation!) can try out the alpha with the new cities in the game already now.


When working on new features, I sometimes have the feeling the most time spent is figuring out how the icons on the buttons for the new feature should look like. It really isn't easy. And definitely not unimportant. But I feel I spend way too much time on this, every time. They either look ugly, don't match the other, existing icons, or you have no idea what they do when looking at them. Not easy.